A Message from the Director

I am writing you to express our interest in you as a soccer player. As many of you know, the University of Virginia Men's Soccer Program is considered among the best in the country. We pride ourselves in our pursuit of uncompromised excellence in intercollegiate athletics. Critical to our athletic department's mission are high academic achievement; nationally competitive and successful teams; and the attraction and retention of the highest quality student athletes.

One of our objectives is to track and evaluate players who are interested in being part of the University of Virginia Men's Soccer Program. With young soccer players in this country getting better and better it has become increasingly clear that our summer soccer camp is a fantastic way to achieve this goal. Every year we have players coming from all over the country and in some cases, from foreign countries. Ages range from ten years old up to high school seniors. What a great opportunity for a player interested in a great academic/athletic school to get a first hand look at the school and the soccer program.

In our efforts to help make soccer camp at the University of Virginia a more informative/interactive experience we provide a written evaluation for every player attending camp. The evaluation will talk about strengths and weaknesses and will have specific comments from the player's coach.

The soccer instruction at camp will continue to be of the highest quality. We consistently attract some of the best college and club coaches in the country as well as having our own staff and players. Our goal is to provide a first class competitive soccer experience. The end result for everyone will be the development of a soccer player, coupled with and opportunity to experience the soccer program and the University of Virginia.

For more information, please feel free to email our Camp Administrator at camp@virginiasoccer.com.


George Gelnovatch